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dancing with the stars

Fred McGriff

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Guest Deep Fried Everything

lol, i remember when you made a post about some other snooze-inducing (reality?) television show and everyone poured all kinds of Haterade all over it.


well played.

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Guest Calx Sherbet

i heard that there was an episode of dancing with the stars that had "The Beautiful People". and i was wondering, was that one of the songs someone actually danced to? i wish there was a clip of it somewhere. i really would like to know how the hell that worked out


oh my bad. it was So You Think You Can Dance. well still, lol

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why did anyone ever find that even remotely amusing?




It's hard to imagine now, but lifelike 3D animation was still new and exciting in 1996. The fact that this kind of thing was novel and amusing only a decade ago shows how quickly technology is advancing.

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Guest Benedict Cumberbatch

The band just played an awful version of Bill Withers' beautiful "Ain't No Sunshine". I'm gonna go kill someone for that.




they killed that song on american idol many years ago i'm sure.


and jeff buckleys hallelujah is now unlistenable.


how many more songs must they ruin?

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