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eyeball game again


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Guest abusivegeorge

woah everyone just got knocked right fucking off by a Colleenie she got a 1.99 to take tenth place. Which basically means we're all fucked, unless you guys can play for like 24 hours or soemthing (which obviously LUDD can) lol.

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Guest placidburp

I swear, if these things turn out to be screamers like the maze game, I will fucking kill you all.. after I have recovered from my heart attack.

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my mouse hand is fucked up from the pressure of going into the final game with a 1.91 average.


my deformed claw spazzed out and slid across the mouse mat as i released my rigid leftclick finger to bag an 8.2 on the last line convergence, wincing with anguish and screaming obscenities that will surely have woken the neighbourhood




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