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What happened to discogs.com?

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bods at Discogs need to be kept busy to justify their wage. Progress for progress's sake - but that's the story of half the interwebs.


Look at this place for example... nice shiny latest IPboard - when the old one was just fine, and no real content to speak of.


Not complainin' tho - just an example... :)

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dont get me wrong, im not complaining and i hardly care, but i fucking hate this new version of IPB. its complete shite compared to the old one. usually i get used to things but this one just pisses me off still.



especially that fucking picture pop-up box. so annoying. i dont even look at the pictures anymore, i dont have the fastest internet in the world and i really canot be arsed watching a spinning circle for 30 seconds and not being able to continue browsing while it loads.

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