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post pics of your cat(s)

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Guest ezkerraldean

my cat Katie in Canada. she's about 12 now but still has enough energy in her to be pretty playful, and to frequently beat up my parents' new dog. had her in Britain-land, and shipped her over when my family moved. i really fucking love my cat and miss her shitloads. they tend not to let their cats outside in Canada but Katie can go wherever the fuck she wants because she's fucking hard.



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the other day on the way home a girl i work with was saying how cool her cat was cos it liked to ride around on the back seat in her car... two days later she offers me a lift and when i get in i almost immediately dry wretch with the stench of rancid cat piss soaked car seats.


yeah real cool cat you've got there pal. i wish i had one so i could drive around in a mobile litterbox too.


*takes antihistamine*

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