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video game music thread

Guest chax

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Nightmare Reaper has some killer fight music in the Sulfuric Mines and Forsaken Village chapters, but I can't find any URLs to them. I know Andrew Hulshult also wrote the soundtrack for Dusk and Amid Evil tho. He's basically the modern day Bobby Prince, albeit less jazzy/bluesy and more metal.

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23 hours ago, bitchroast said:


Yeah mate, welcome to Plaistow Flex Out

cry everytime 

oh god fuck yes commander keen ❤️

(i remember i actually cried for joy after finishing super mario land for the first time as a kid lol, first game i ever beat)

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One of the best videogame OST ever is on Street Of rage, I was lucky enough to play when I was a kid. Nobody cannot forget these fantastic tunes made by Yuzo koshiro and Motohiro kawashima.

They even toured live recently:

Keep in mind that was recorded on a 16-bit machine. As I can remember I read that they sampled a lot of the sounds there.

See ya,

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This .....


I reckon the Thunderforce IV Soundtrack is probably my fav video game music. All FM and very dirty grungy sounds. Rock on!!! 

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