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video game music thread

Guest chax

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i forgot how fucking great that particular bit of music was. almost tubular bells-ish in places... but set the mood of that game so perfectly. thanks for posting that.


a few of my old favourites:





^^ man i LOVED that track when i was a young'n. that's the extended version with the vocals, came on a tape in the box with the game. so great.



^^ infestation - theme fades in slowly after 30-40 seconds or so, but kinda cool industrial-styled beats for a late 80s game.


now i'm delving into a neverending spiral of looking up my old amiga games on youtube. ha.

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I remember my uncles had a Megadrive (ie non-American Sega Genesis), and so I played Sonic when I was at their house for the holidays. And I was like 6 and loved this music so much that I tried to remember it and wrote it on a paper; then I found the paper back a few years later and all I had written was "tu ta ta ta tu ta ta ta". Yeah :facepalm:



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Castlevania IV and Contra 3, 2 of the most beautiful 16-bit console games ever created





soo glad you posted that, definitely one of the best Castlevanias. i used to play it just for the music and the general ambience.


the second level was always my favorite .. such awesome progressions and beautiful music.



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