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Manipulating the "Amen" Break.

The Dark Lord

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Ok, so there's nothing better than hearing some sick drill/drum n bass/jungle, using the amen break heavily.

I'm just curious if there's any useful information out there about techniques, manipulating, sequencing the amen break.



Examples of Artists I'm referring to:

Amen Andrews..

Early Squarepusher..

Early Ceephax..

Current Value..




If you know anything, or am having success with the amen break at this point, feel free to leave something.

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hey wattmmm. I been making music 4 ages man, but I hav some questions. how du u do to rip off dated sound of electornicas? how make sound liek threehundredthree and the progamring of glitch synth alsow. how to make synth sond liek baords of canandar? how do u go abot making great melondies liek sqarepusher and aphwx tins? Do you know any vst that will make me songs like awtekr?

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Guest Adjective
i don't agree with the title of the video but it will be helpful for you


We already have a beat slicer - The 09xx command.

that's true, however it doesn't suit my needs. if the offsets could be moved, then yes. but that would be a different thread. i guess my complaint is that the discussion of an alternative to 09XX always gets dismissed as a "beatslicer" when, in my case, it's more for my own samples that are not breaks.

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