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Arsene Wenger is 60

Guest Gary C

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The man that brought us Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Cesc Fabregas and is currently grooming Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott has also graced us with beautiful fluid football reminiscent of the great Dutch and Spanish teams of yore.

A toast to the smartest, wittiest and wiliest manager in recent memory!


Just me and Ward in this thread, I guess... :facepalm:

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The football threads are one of the few I post in these days and I always rant about Arsenal yet still don't get recognised as a fan in the first post of the thread, poor form. LUDD is a gooner too (I think). The man is a God, I am just about old enough to remember the George Graham 1-0 to the Arsenal days and don't ever wish to return!

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Fine manager, but prone to petulance, like last night.


that's what he gets for picking a team of bloody kids to be fair.


still got all respect for the guy but the Gooners really got battered last night

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This is top arseyness


This man must be fanatical about the word arse. His name includes the word arse. His football team includes the word arse.


And there's something about this guys face, yes! he even looks like an arse! And a sour one at that.


i hate football

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