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morrissey has left the building

Guest Gump

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Guest thanksomuch

oh mother, i can feel the soil falling over my head.


srsly though. worried. morrissey can't die :mellow:


god fuck! i was so frightened by the title of the thread :o

*puts on Sweet and Tender Hooligan*

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Guest Calx Sherbet



thanks. you are god.





fuck me sideways, i am tired. goodnight watmm. don't talk about me when i am gone

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I never had any interest in his solo stuff after Viva Hate but, fuck man, The Smiths. For that he's immortal.

r u kidding?!?!

His best IMO ->vauxhall_and_i.jpg

This one might make it in my top 10.

I'm a HUGE Smiths fan, but there is something extra special about this album. It's one I can listen to over and over (on repeat) without ever getting tired of.

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I'm a fan of the smiths, but have never listened to any of morrissey' s solo albums...so what's a good starting point for his solo work?

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