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2020 was positive for Autechre. A sentence that does not fit many artists in the crisis year. With SIGN and PLUS, Sean Booth and Rob Brown released two albums on their house and farm label Warp. The f

That Humo thing’s full of misquotes. Some of it’s prob just translation errors, or him not understanding the accent or getting words wrong but some is straight up not what we said at all and totally m

Ok just this once, your headphones are called Derek Yeah it’s *mildly* annoying but at least it was mostly about other peoples music this time I’m outta this thread now but cheers Ivan, hi Jaderpans

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who was the user here who did the interview and asked them about watmm? I remember the thread from a while back but I can't remember who did it.

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yeah the one on milkfactory there ^^ was by me.


i gave it to bruno after id published it in the magazine i did at the time (Reverb).


that was a rough transcription of a phoner i did with Sean - have mp3 of the full telecon on my other laptop. kaen hosted it at one point, not sure if its still up. will see if he can hoist it up again if anyone wants to hear it.

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Guest Goum Le Chat

When Quaristice came out I posted an Ae interview from a french magazine, it seems the topic have been deleted or something. They Were talking about visual, Kubrick, listening to the last evening set in the car...

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also quite interesting part


De:Bug: What do you think about “marketing” ideas like this one thing that happend to you´re album long before it was out. Somebody posting your album tracks with the right names with completely false tracks of other people on Napster.

Sean: Wonder who that was?

De:Bug: You know the guy?

Sean: No, not personally. After Warp accepted the album I had a list of tracktitles that i posted on the net to a little newsgroup, an Autechre discussion list, to see what happens. And thats what happened. I`ve got so many of our livesets that I have napstered. I think that Napster is actually quite good. I am quite into it. I never bother to record anything that we do. And it is just wicked to just go on there and get all of our livesets. All the kids with minidiscs and stuff have archived them and put them up there. I fucking appreciate it. I don´t have any problem with it, it´s quite a good thing. I mean if they are selling them to each other, that stinks cause I am not into people making money off it. But if they are just trading and stuff it´s fucking well, it´s what I did when I was at school and did not have enough money to buy records. I just had tapes. What I`ve done is that I retitled some of the livesets with tracknames of our album and left them on Napster for a couple of months. But nobody downloaded them. I was quite disappointed. But the files were so massive. All really highbitrate as well. It is quite amusing that somebody else did it as well. And they were quite well known tracks wasn´t it? I quite like that. It´s probably someone I know.

De:Bug: Yeah. Seems like the one who did it said that he explicitly choose tracks that sound close to Autechre, and that people liking Autechre should know. But nobody seemed to identify them.

Sean: So a lot of people think they have the album when they haven´t got it at all. Thats quite clever. Who did it then? Probably the label. I can imagine Warp doing something like that, they are pretty sneaky.

De:Bug: They said they didn´t. They wanted to do something similar though.

Sean: Same thing for me. But it did not work. With Napster you really got to be online all of the time to have people downloading stuff from you. And I could not be bothered to find somebody who is, because then it would have been their total responsiblitiy, wich would not have been nice. Loads of musicians use Napster to hype their own stuff anyway. Fucking mad. Its like: Oh well, I`ve got these slightly less good remixes of my stuff so I put them on Napster first so that people think they have my new single before I release my actual new single wich is better cause it´s got more edits in it and a few more DSP eccentries, bonus bits, it´s like this old hiphop thing of buying a remix 12″ with a couple of extra little edits in it. Got too much to do though. Too much music to make.

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