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how emo are you?


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Just yesterday I actively listened to both Deathcab for Cutie and The Postal Service.


The worst kind of 'emo', I know.


To note: this was for nostalgic reasons, as I was actually interested in this music about 5-6 years ago. I know it's bad now, but I just wanted to remind myself.

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Last show I went to I saw a bunch of 'mo's clothed in Nick Cave shirts with punctiliously fabricated tattering's ... I just assumed Cave was the next furor in the parade.

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Guest abusivegeorge

I cut my wrists so much that both of my hands fell off


Fuckin lol.


I have no emo friends at all. They are all idmers.

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Guest Calx Sherbet

-my emo bangs cover both my eyes. but even if they didn't, the sheer amount of eye make-up would hide my eyes

-my tears are my own blood, so everytime i cry too much i get lightheaded and pass out

-i listen to so much metal, i magnetised myself on accident.



and actually, fuck you all


last post



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Guest Coalbucket PI

I like depeche mode and the cure and stuff but I'm still pretty cool, i like one album by a band called billy talent and I think they might be emo but I really dont know for sure

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The Smiths - "Back to The Old House"

"Sing Me To Sleep"

"Still Ill"

Eliot Smith - "Between the Bars"

"2:45 am"

"Miss Misery"



If The Smiths and Elliot Smith are emo, than so am I.

Besides that, I'm about as emo as this guy... 5662.jpg

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