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Jaga Jazzist - One-Armed Bandit

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The Norwegian 9-piece return to the fray with the stunning 'One Armed Bandit' released on Ninja Tune on 23rd November, taken from their forthcoming album of the same name. All galloping rhythms, arpeggiated harpsichord and grandiloquent reach, main man Lars Horntveth describes the new sound, tongue-a-little-in-cheek, as “Wagner meets Fela Kuti!” Certainly we find it harder to imagine a better soundtrack being written for the first Nollywood viking epic.


Download the title track for free...


I cannot wait for this!

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Guest Glass Plate

haha, one of my favorite bands in highschool, not too into this title track though, I guess I just don't want Zappa from Jaga, I want more hotel stardust.

Oh well, definitely still excited to hear the rest of the album.

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Guest Benedict Cumberbatch

Funny, I was just listening to them for the first time in years this weekend.




hope they tour this record near me. incredible live.

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