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EP7 Appreciation


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I always thought of this as an inconsistant progression between the manic sterile sounds of LP5 and the organic weirdness of Confield. However, I dug this out again this week and have been playing it a lot, and I have grown to love it a lot.


I always thought a handful of tracks were great, especially the last 4, but now tracks like Squeller, Left Blank, and Liccflii have really grown on me. The only track I still don't like is Outpt, which starts off interesting but is too repetitve and goes on too long to hold my interest.


Autechre always surprise me by keeping up with my tastes years down the line!

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Guest contrapunctus

Sometimes the sounds and textures on this seem flat, and it doesn't work that great as a whole, but besides that ep7 has some wicked stuff. rpeg, squeller, leftblank, dropp, maphive 6.1, zeiss contarex, netlon sentinel, and in particular pir, a song I've been addicted to recently.

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zeiss contarex is the hit for me.


evokes images of industrial production line in a factory turning on slowly.


quite trippy.

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i really dig it. its easily their dirtiest release production-wise, but this is no bad thing. it has a really live and direct quality that reminds me of their live sets from around this time, when they were improvising with software a lot. its a limited pallet of sounds but wrung though the ae process to good results.

also, the 1st track totally reminds me of arch carrier from lp5, only less crystaline.

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Guest Balun!

This is an album that I rediscover every year. I tend to pay attention to sections in the album and by grouping various songs and kind of make up my own little mini-ep from the album. I just love it.

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a couple of the tracks in the middle third are just terrible ... 'netlon sentinel' and 'rpeg' are awfully good though. i'd have to say ep7 is my least favorite ae release, tho *ducks*


I used to feel that way about it, this took longer to grow on me than Confield. However, the album as a whole just recently "clicked" with me, which is what I love about ae. Still don't appreciate Draft as a whole but I'll keep trying from time to time I guess.

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Guest Turncoat Indian

rpeg, maphive, squeller, netlon sentinel and pir are the highlights for me. Still my least favourite pre-Draft full-length though.

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Guest Audiophile

i think ep7 has some of the best sounds ae have produced yet. the layout of the tracks are somewhat weak but the some of those synths are totally AWESOME. the last 40 seconds of squeller first reminded me of sounds from jill of the jungle (good old dos). zeiss contarex is one their best tracks.

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I still think this album is a bit inconsistent... Oupt could have been SOOO cool if it didn't just do the same thing over and over again, it kinda wrecks the album a bit. Some other tracks sound a little under developed too. But there's enough flat out AWESOME stuff to make it one of my favourite Autechre albums. Maphive and Pir in particular never fail to amaze me.

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Basically, each track is great, but they don't flow like other Ae albums. One of the greatest things about Ae albums and a stark contrast between them and Aphex is that their albums never seem like just a collection of songs. They seem like very well planned and concise statements. EP7 is the exception. It seems like a collection of songs. This along with the fact that it was originally in two parts is why I assume they left it as an EP and not an LP even though it is longer than some of their LPs.


Upon first hearing this, my highlights were Ccec and Squeller. I loved the transition and how you could hear the chord progression of Squeller tuned into the very metallic toms even though the organ synth sound hadn't come in yet. However now, I think that even though both of these tracks are very very interesting, they are probably overall two of the weaker tracks on the release. Squeller never really goes anywhere, and you can tell because the ending seems like, they weren't quite sure what to do. A very interesting experiment though. And Ccec has that classic Ae drum pattern that is in way more Ae songs than you probably have realized.


Dropp is phenomonal. Nice slow piano melody, enter super swirly and extra bassy drums.


Liccflli is their experimentation with generative on this release yes? I think that the beginning half of Liccflii has some of the coolest sounds on the release. But like squeller, it seems like more of an experiment, because it never really goes anywhere. Just continues until it falls apart. It is strange because when you look at other semi-repetitive songs like Sim Gishel, at first glance it seems very repetitive but it works so much better and really adds to the feel of the album.


Zeiss Contarex is an example of glorious repetition in the drums. This song is great. Very unsettling. The samples really add to the feel. I like how the synth makes you think that so much more is happening than actually is. Reminds me of Citizen Kane lol.


Maphive's bass always destroys my speakers lol.


Netlon Sentinel is awesome. Somewhat similar to Pen Expers, but to a lesser extent. Starts with a crushing beat. Enter pretty chords. Although these chords seem sadder than the Pen Expers chords. And the moment where the percussion drops out than comes in again even louder is one of the best on this release.


I like Pir. Minor Ae melody. Stuttery Ae beats. whats not to like?


Rpeg, Left Blank, and Outpt are cool to.

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outpt to me was and still is a great track... sure it's repetative, but the drive of the track keeps it interesting for me... ccec was a track that at the time i thought was cool, but as years went by, this track has become one of my all time fav ae tracks... i djayed in the past and would mix these 2 tracks with hip hop stuff and they went well.


speaking of mixing, try this!


at the end of aphex's equation track mix in netlon sentinel!

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