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EP7 Appreciation


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On 6/8/2020 at 1:49 PM, ambermonk said:

EP7 wasn't my first Ae discovery, but it was the one that ultimately converted me into a devout fan. Still hard to believe this was from last millennium.

same. this was the one where I "got" their approach, regardless of what the actual sound/methodology for a given album at a given point in time was.

EP7 used to be my "favourite" in the sense that if I absolutely could only pick one album to be locked in a bunker with for the rest of my life, it'd be that one. then Exai came along.

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Posted (edited)

Alco Original "True Story Series" (TM)

when this came out i was a teenager living in a suburb of chicago (united states). for a while it was only available as an import, the cd in the frosted jewel case with the secret rewind track. somehow, my friend got a hold of this before me and he revealed it one night when we were hanging out in his bedroom (not sexual). we were both really into "the chre" at this point, like deep into these brothers. so he had me put on headphones and i crouched down underneath his desk (idk why, we were always doing weird shit like this) and he played me the first track without telling me what it was. no joke but this was such a serious experience, it truly was hearing something so unlike anything i'd ever even dreamed of. instantly i knew it was autechre. but it was really next level shit. obviously they were always doing this with each release multiple times a year back then. so anyway later on we were over by the mall in this horrible area of strip malls and terrible restaurants and stuff (like Chilis or whatever) and we were sitting by this little man-made pond area between the parking lot and the road where cars were flying by at like 65mph. we had just stolen some john coltrane cds from the nearby cd store, the name of which escapes me but it's on the tip of my tongue here. it wasn't Crow's Nest or Sam Goody but something kinda similar chain. anyway, my friend says if i jump into the water fully clothed and swim to the other side he will give me the ep7 cd. surprisingly, i did NOT do it. the two of us were always doing dumb stuff like this and i had previously even swam a lap in our school swimming pool fully clothed in a suit and tie in the middle of a swim class. but here i hesitated. i look back on this decision with regret even to this day. shortly after, the domestic version hit the local stores (thanks trent!) and i got a copy from best buy. it did not have the frosted case nor the hidden track. for years i was haunted by my failure to rise to the challenge and obtain the coveted Import Version. 


*i remembered the cd store: Coconuts!

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2 hours ago, DyeMyBlueBlack said:

I’m baffled by some of the tracks on EP7 that weren’t on LP5 - why was Corc on LP5 instead of Dropp?

I agree with the first part but I love Corc so much can I ask why it doesn't do much for you?

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LP5 is actually my least favorite aelbum *hides* but I completely understand why people adore it so much


Just not a fan of the production personally it feels a little too plastic for my taste (says the guy that regularly listens to mainstream pop music lol whatever)


anyways yeah EP7 is brilliant!!!

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On 12/11/2022 at 11:40 PM, usagi said:

EP7 used to be my "favourite" in the sense that if I absolutely could only pick one album to be locked in a bunker with for the rest of my life, it'd be that one. then Exai came along.

My sentiments exactly. I always found LP5 and EP7 to seem companion pieces of sorts, but EP7 was the more compelling of the two for me. I didn't look at the next five years of material as being in any way lesser, but EP7 remained my favorite. I found myself a little less in love with Untilted, Quaristice, and Oversteps (although each has since grown on me), but Exai was transcendent. AE Live and NTS, as well. Probably some combination of those releases would now constitute my favorite AE, even if I'm unable to pinpoint a single release.


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