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Ever since I was 8 years old, I've had a tune buried deep in my memories that would surface now and then.


I only heard it once, on the radio, in 1982. It was a song that used a dog-bark-sample to play the melody. The melody really stayed in my head though, it was very catchy. And something about the dog-bark made it sound special ... to use a sample to play a melody was pretty special in 1982, and the combination of minor key and dog made it very emotional, somehow (to my 8 year old self).


For years I've wondered what that tune was ... all I could remember was that the DJ on the radio mentioned Superdog ... or something like that.


Well today, after 30 minutes of googling, I found the track in this mixtape of dog related music that someone compiled. Its called 'Ruff Mix' by Wonderdog.


Despite me only having heard this once, 25 years ago, the melody is exactly as I remember it:




Not a bad song actually. Much better than any of the other stuff I liked when I was 8.


Also, weirdly, it turns out that Simon Cowell was involved with this track:


In the early '80s, an artist by the name of Harry Thumann in Germany produced a song that sampled dogs barking called "Ruff Mix". Then E&S Music partner, Simon Cowell, acquired rights to the song and began promoting it under the artist "Wonder dog". Simon actually dressed up as Wonder dog and appeared on many British television shows to promote the song.


... and so

, 23 years old and dressed as a dog, promoting a song that would haunt me as a vague memory for 25 years.


Anyone else found lost music from their childhood online recently?

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