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hrmm ... So apparently there are things you should pay attention to when one has clay soils. PH balances are something you can get kids for. Remedies seem easy when you have been there and done that.


But what if one hasn't. What if one went to sleep for a few months and the weeds invaded and the ill-advised species that was planted out the back of your rent plot began to die off. Replaced by bare ground and bindieyes, and god knows what. Well then you have the temptation to just pull all the shit out and replant with an whole new groundcover, bought from a local turf dealer.


Still though one wonders, even though he had tried in the past to reseed and had it ultimately and spectacularly fail due to invasive weedfestation, whether there is not another way.


.. ;//

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you need to give your lawn a thorough spiking with one of those spiky things that you push about. an aerator possibly.


then, when your lawn has got loads of little holes all over it, generously cover it with a layer of mulch/mushroom compost/well rotted manure and leave for a week, repeat this process once a week for a month and also de-weed regularly. a few weeks later and your lawn will be lush and green.

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Another thing to consider is to introduce a variety of grass that grows tightly together, to minimize the chance of invasive species (like weeds) taking hold and ruining your overall lay.

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