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Nexus - Silicone Poplars LP

Guest TheCentrifuge

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Guest TheCentrifuge

[CF034] Nexus - Silicone Poplars LP


Released on Sun 1st November at http://www.thecentrifuge.co.uk, free download.







1. UVB-76

2. Eulogy Extract

3. Eulogy

4. Fuselage

5. Lyphony

6. Collapsible Structures

7. Waxfaced Statuettes

8. Silicone Poplars

9. CntvLxs

10. Words & Sounds

11. Fds

12. Silicone Poplars (Snelcomjon Remix)

13. Silicone Poplars (Mrs Jynx Remix)

14. UVB-76 (Vertical67 Remix)

15. Collapsible Structures (Scrubber Fox Remix)


Artist Profile:



Silicone Poplars/Nexus is a Dublin/Berlin-based composer and performer of sparse ambient electronica mixed with breakbeat, glitch and homemade electronics. Live sets have included a homemade interface which tracks the movement of gameboy cartridges and chess pieces to control sound events. These homemade devices and interfaces have been on public display as interactive installations, but mostly play the part of instruments in live performances. --- happy to have shared stages with Sunken Foal, Creator, Herv, DJ Scotch Egg, Miles Iwes, T-woc, Sarsparilla, Cignol, The Last Sound and to have been invited to perform at the Project Arts Centre, UCC, NUIM, Mantua, Life and Tweak Festival.


Check out the video for Collapsible Structures here:


Download from website: http://www.TheCentrifuge.co.uk

Press/Contact: info@thecentrifuge.co.uk

Artist Website: http://www.siliconepoplars.com


Mastered at the Wrecktory by Captain Chaos.


Design by THR: http://www.myspace.com/thrq


Published by The Centrifuge using a Creative Commons License.


The Centrifuge: Experimental electronic events, netlabel and artist management.

View our artist roster PDF: http://bit.ly/CbOVu







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