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LOL Email I Just Got


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Would you be interested in exchanging links?

(If this means nothing to you, could you forward this email to the person in charge of your web site please? Thanks.)


Ours is a UK based site, relating to:


* weddings, corporate events, parties, music & musicians


If you are interested, please email me. I will then add a link to your site & email you that I have done it. We would ask that you do the same back to us.

Details are as follows:


* Your site is the one at watmm.com . Please let me know what linking text you would like us to use.


* Our site is at www.msmusic.co.uk


Could you link to our site within a couple of weeks please (otherwise we would have to remove our link to you), using:


Title = Live Jazz Bands Body text = Jazz Bands, Jazz Quartets & Jazz Trios for weddings, dinners & corporate events throughout England, Wales & Scotland


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards


Derek Walker - The Midsummer Music Agency

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