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Four Tet - There Is Love in You

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Woo hoo! The album is set to include new single "Love Cry", which comes out on 12" vinyl on December 8.


There Is Love in You:


01 Angel Echoes

02 Love Cry

03 Circling

04 Pablo's Heart

05 Sing

06 This Unfolds

07 Reversing

08 Plastic People

09 She Just Likes to Fight

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there's already a thread about this, someone needs to read the rules



duly noted.


i want to know why this shit doesn't come up when i do a search.

i will just manually scroll the whole fricking thing now before i do a post i guess?




well... this album is going to be so f-ing good that we will need two threads just to contain the massive storm of chatter.

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That Love Cry single is pretty weak. I too would love to hear some more Four Tet & Burial collaborations. Moth and Wolf Cub are two of my favorite Four Tet tracks, and thats really saying something as I'm a big fan of Hebden's solo output.

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Anyone planning on seeing Four Tet on this tour that is happening soon? I think I just might. No. I will.


I wonder what he's like live. Probably more dancey, due to the recent music materials. Good opportunity for some molly ingestion and simultaneous musical enjoyment. :braindance:


Exactly! I'm going!


Thanks for your help. :cisfor:

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Guest cult fiction

Joy Orbison's remix of "Love Cry" owns the original... it's worth checking out, especially if you thought the original was boring.

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