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Guest Medha

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Anyone know anything about the linked track? (first minute is a bit messy due to the mixing)


It was extracted from a Kutmah mix (Hit+Run Three Year Anniversary Mix) in which it was named "(SECRET) SORRY." in the tracklist.


As far as I know, Flying Lotus is, out of all of Kutmah's frequent exclusive-tracks-providers, most likely to ask him not to mention his name on a track to make it more mysterious before the official drop or to avoid "revealing his new sound". (He for example still provides uncredited tracks to Adult Swim)


Then I think that the schizophrenic synths are very close to a lot of what Clark did recently. While the beat with layers of white noise sounds more flying lotus-ish.



So...Flying Lotus with a Clark influence? A Clark track lost on a Kutmah mix? A collaboration between warp colleagues?

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Guest GrandPopPoplock

Interesting .


It does sound like a Flylo track...and the synths sound like something straight out of Totems Flare .



I think it's Flylo when it's all said and done .

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