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we only have 1 life

brian trageskin

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and that one life is inevitably wasted. As dictated

by society. I mean, I'm sitting here, on saturday, looking

at the computer, for the entire day. Nothing much

interesting is happening, but given that humanity caused the

universe to collapse, bounded by the walls of my basement,

there's nothing else to do. I mean, I could eat tiny things

I find in the rug or something. Its probably about 10 hours

until I need to masturbate again. I don't know how to have

real sex. Doing so is probably illegal anyway. Plus nobody

else exists. I've seen some bugs like spiders around before.

Are you supposed to have sex with them? Is that how it

works? I think I understand people. They are avatars and

communicate with pixels. And man, they never say anything

interesting. Most of them are cocks really. Like you... Its

weird how the monitor reaches out into this other dimension.

I have no idea how it works. I guess I like it better than

the basement. I mean, I've done everything that's doable in

there already. I've taken shits on the walls, urinated on

the ceiling (yes it touched the ceiling after a lot of

practice). I've tried punching myself in my own stomach. And

that's pretty much every possibile situation in the boring

real world. Its like a deck of 52 cards and I already looked

at them all. But the internet has new cards, like some day,

all of a sudden out of the blue the xltronic bear's pixels

just melt! This type of interesting stuff would never happen

in the real world.

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Guys, I actually spent some time on XLT tonight... It's always been like watmm's doppleganger. I feel kind of weird now


edit: it's also funny that I have my original internet name over there

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