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the best last track released by SP


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yes this thread title makes no sense whatsoever. but i'm still saying Quadrature


i presume he means that he likes Hanningfield Window and he thinks that Squarepusher has not done anything as good since.


which of course is nonsense

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having not heard that track I will in turn suggest north circular


You ever notice that track drops crazy hard exactly at 4:20 ?

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The first time I heard Hanningfield Window... well, I'll just say that it was one best musical experiences of my life. Uhg, I almost sound like one of those fags from the Autechre forum. :fear:

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What does the title mean? There are a ton of SEB tracks that are great if you meant last great track...


If you meant best track, I say Chunk-S just because it's ridiculously under appreciated.

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indeed - the title of this thread is completely nonsensical .


thee only thing it can logcally be supposed to mean is what is your favourite squarepusher track in reverse chronological order. im not sure that makes sense but let's say working backwards from the latest sp release (solo bass vol 1) then what is your favourite track discluding any tracks that you may prefer that came before your "last favourite track".


i think we all know what he meant. based on what i think he meant i'm sticking with quadrature (or maybe tensor in green (though that precedes quadrature on the album track order, so by extension of the flimsy logic implied in the thread title, it came a few minutes before quadrature.. so yeah... quadrature))


another way to get your head around the meaningless question in the thread title, let's suppose that squarepusher can only get progressively better with every release.. bare with me.... of course nothing is as simple as the "getting progressively better" proposition.. but only under this arbitrary rule can the thread mean anything. so taken for granted that your favourite squarepusher track must


wait a minute


this doesnt make any sense


quadrature / tensor in green / coathanger

plotinus / planetarium / theme form sprite


im working backwards here


i dont know whats going on


rename thread to "what was the last squarepusher track to make you think "wow this is the best squarepusher track ever"" ?




christ im drunk

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