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To Catch A Predator... Your Husband

Fred McGriff

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Roberts, a former pub landlord who has grown-up children, denied having sex with any schoolgirls - but admitted he had been 'prepared to do so'. At Cardiff Crown Court he admitted engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child and making and possessing illegal images.


Although the sexual activity was actually witnessed by his wife, the fact that he intended his actions to be seen by a 14-year-old girl meant he was charged as if this had actually been the case.


Roberts was given a three-year community order and banned from access to children under the age of 18, in person or online.


Judge Christopher Vosper QC said he could not impose a long enough sentence for him to be treated behind bars but ordered him to attend a 'community sexual offenders group work programme'.


He will also have to register as a sex offender for five years.




What the fuck? He confessed to intending to fuck underage girls (wtf #1), and then he got a slap on the wrist (wtf #2).

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Guest Barricade

if a woman has to go this far to prove or find out about something then im having my doubts about their marriage as a whole, though.

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Guest Dirty Protest

I read this earlier and I understand being found guilty of having underage porn on the computer, but the daily mail wording left me unsure if you can can be found guilty of paedophilia intent. I have a range illegal thoughts every other minute, but im not going to force someones head through a window anytime soon for not saying thank you when I hold a door open for them.

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at what point in your pathetic little husk of a life do you give a SHIT about what jordan is doing with her life. jesus fucking shitting christ dick.


she actually looks like a man now.

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