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List your equipment for the coming assault to aphex's house

Guest Babar

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It has been decades since we haven't put our ears on some new materials by Aphex. That's enough ! The situation has to be changed ! We need to


1.Get all the unreleased tracks.

2. Lock the man away into Watmm's basement and force him to produce music.


Operations are to start on April 1st 2010(when he'll see us come to him, he'll think it's a fool, therefore he'll be more confident, and the job will be easier for us).

Just list your equipment in this thread.







My goo ol' grado




so that i can listen to the Mt St Michel mix during the operation


At first i was thinking about a camouflage jacket, but obviously the best solution is to assault the man when he'll be among his flock. Therefore i definitively need on of these



this, because we don't want to kill him



just in case he tries to escape with his tank :



Because we also need to bring his numerous synths and drum machines



and finally


So that he understands who is the master and who is the dog

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1.Get all the unreleased tracks.

And get bored 'cause you've everything from him ? They're the mountain who enhance the castle, Rich music wouldn't be so good without all the hidden stuff !

Go on, exploitable topic, some lol posts

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