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The 00s Decade is Almost Over...

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I have to say culturally (at least in the US) this decade has been the worst since I've been alive. That was in no doubt due to Dubya Bush for a lot of reasons, but it seemed like America kind of lost its identity for a while after the good times of the 90s. Granted there was some great music, movies and video games etc. in the last 10 years but I feel if we're just judging time based upon entertainment media we've kind of lost something that makes our lives important. We're all now wired in a lot more than we were in 1999, the rise of wireless technology, all in one devices we carry everywhere and social networks that continue to spread to every facet of our lives. I'd like to know where watmm thinks the world is headed in the next 10 years, will it be good or are we destined for a global meltdown and continued wars around the world?

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Reflecting on where we were 10 years ago.  Did the 2010's turn out like you hoped?  Are you better or worse off, hopes for the future?  Happy New Year everybody!  Here's to the 2020s.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Released well over 100 tracks this decade. Many others unreleased. Seven albums, 5 EPs, a plethora of remixes, and countless shows. It's been

Here’s hoping the roaring 20s are better than the teens. Hot off crippling alcoholism and depression, hypertension, and near death seizures, and that godawful nts autechre release and all those OPN po

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Guest Coalbucket PI

At the end of the summer everyone always complains that it was a bad summer, the weather was no good waah waaaaah whatever, usually turns out that it has no correlation with the actual weather. People can't remember whether the sun came out or not a week in the past, so there doesn't seem much hope of people judging a whole year in terms of every aspect of civilisation and their own personal successes, let alone ten years. Then you have to factor in comparing the last ten years to then ten years before that, which is likely the only one you even lived through to compare it to anyway so its virtually useless. Also if you are comparing to the decade before you are trying to remember things from 20 years ago which you probably can't and plus you were 20 years younger then so your experience of everything was completely different. On top of that its an entirely arbitrary division of time which doesn't mark the start or end of anything at all.

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Guest Super lurker ultra V12

the world is going to end in less than 3.2 years


edit THREE

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I'm already well nostalgic for the 90's, seeing MacGyver again on TV the other night feels like the 90's were so long ago yet to me it seems it was just last year. Finally I'm able to distance myself and be able to fully appreciate the early 90's style.

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much agreed. 9/11 kinda set the tone, plus it was the start of my 20's, so yeah, not a good decade..


i've read that men's best times are in their 30's , worst are in the 20's. i have no idea why, but it seems right.

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Guest Conor74

I got married this decade. But none of you guys made it.


The next ten years will see hoverboards. I have been waiting since Back II The Future II for these babies, it is about the happen...



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was good... had its ups and downs. I dont see how you could think an entire decade sucked... you must either have a shitty life or a shitty memory

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For me, the 00's started with high school. I'd say about three years out of the decade have been awesome, and the other seven were mostly awful.

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i started high school in 1999, so you could basically say that my entire proper life has been in this decade. its been pretty sweet.

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your entire proper life doesn't start until you get out of the sheltered bubble that is school.

My advice: stay in school for as long as you can.

The 00's were ok. just like any other decade, some good some bad. Everyone will experience them differently anyways.


Also that Time article is utter shit.

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I tried not to make this thread too American-centric but most of the media seems to spread from our country anyways. I don't blame a lot of the world for not liking us anymore, the Iraq/Afghan debacle will haunt us for years to come. I'm curious how overall life has been in other countries for you bunch that live outside the US. Are we just too full of ourselves?

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