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so what are your favorite boards of canada beats?


there are a ton that I like. i love the way their beats subtley evolve in so many of their songs. but, i think my favorites are the beats in Kid for Today and Peacock Tail. Kid for Today has one of those great evolving beats. it starts off with that simple but catchy click. by the time it's fully evolved there's at least 4 different snare hits that i can count.


Peacock Tail is simple but infectious. that big 'boom clap ba-boom clap-boom' gets me every time.



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Guest glitch191

June 9th

To The Wind


Rue The Whirl




There are too many songs with great beats. Can't mention all of them.

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Guest lands end road

turquoise hexagon sun

pete standing alone



you could feel the sky


Im going to have to say peacock tail is my least favourite sonically.

something about it just doesnt seem right for the song. Too much mid range and too sharp and crunchy. I really like the hand drums that come in before the main kick snare though.

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Guest glitch191

I'm surprised nobody mentioned Staircase Whip (from Old Tunes Vol. 2). Fuckin great beat!!! :cool::cool::cool: I just listened it for the first time 5 minutes ago!

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the Boom Bip remix has some really old clicky CR 78 beat which sounds nice on the ears.


The really dense squarewave kickdrum in Slow This World Down


Sequoia because it sounds like the quintessential BoC happy hip hop beat that they continue to mine in different ways.

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Guest BunnyRabbit
I only just realised the drums in Forest Moon are from the often sampled Barry White's Im Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More Babe.


Hey! You could be right there. I'll go and check tonight.


"My hands just won't keep still" etc


I think Trapped has the best beats.

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Guest Moebius
pete standing alone, middle secton


I love Pete Standing Alone becaus ewhen you first listen to it, you mostly hear the melody and it seems like there's not much going on with the beat, but when you go back again you realize there's so much more going on.

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Guest onesixoneight

nlogax for its simplicity and the way it interacts with the bassline to create a totally awsome funk.


sixtyten does the same for me also

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  • 2 months later...

Just wanted to bump this thread to give credit to track 8, side a off Old Tunes Vol 1. This is probably one of their fastest beats, up there with "Red Moss", and combined with the raw, plaintive synth it makes for an awesome track.


I'd say this track, along with Red Moss and track 7 from the Warp 10th anniversary party contain some of BoC's best beats.

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