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How to make a thread that wont get locked


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Joyrex sent you a new conversation

Subject: Thread Locking

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Sent: Today, 11:13 AM


Your original thread was locked due to it being pointless, and the subsequent threads are locked because you send an Admin/Mod a PM about it, not post more threads.



Can someone please help me out, what kind of threads should I make in order for them to be good or cool enough to not get locked. Thanks

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wow I just came back to post, "yes i have already read the rules" but you beat me to the punch


good job


i can see you giggling as you posted that just like your avatar, so funneeee

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I'll make this simple:


DON'T post pointless threads (I'm not going to debate you on the (lack of) merits your "I Bet AFX Made This Secret Track" thread.


DON'T post threads asking why your threads are being closed, especially repeatedly.


THINK before posting, and perhaps this won't happen again, but I highly doubt that.

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