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who would you most like to collaborate with?

Guest tht tne

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i has a list:


liz fraser


wayne lonesome

johnny marr

lars and martin horntveth

jan st. werner and andi toma

tim gane and laetitia sadier

jari mäenpää and kai hahto

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Paul Van Dyk



jay retard or whatever his name is








willow ufgood


some prostitute down the road



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Luke Vibert


Lloyd Kaufman

Zach Galifinakis

Tim & Eric

my most recent collaborator (more i mean)



Angelo Badalamenti

Ed Upton

Otto Von Schirach


This was hard when I actually thought about it, and was semi-realistic about actually accomplishing anything. There are some artists (in some form) who I would probably be a little nervous working with, so they are not included.

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Angelo Badalamenti

Ed Upton


So you wouldn't be nervous if you where to work with these?




Oh definitely a little, but it wouldn't be a crippling nervous where I would be a bit afraid to do anything. Both of them make amazing music, but the process in which they create isn't a huge mystery to me, so I wouldn't be as nervous.


Sneaksta's left testicle.


If you want it, here it is, come and get it.

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what a hilariously dumb thing to call someone out on. sneak? who's that woman in your avatar? my list?


my mate who just lives up the road. still unsure as to why we haven't already.

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peter gabriel

tony banks

aaron turner from isis

imogen heap

sarah blasko


no electronic artists because i think my electronic style doesn't suit collaboration very well, unless it's in a live environment, in which case the only people i'd choose would be john wilcock and ryan trio from legendary perth IDM duo gate, or chrism and fenris, another perth electronic duo.

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matt pike (high on fire)



brian eno

chuck biscuits

steve martin

harrison ford

cutty ranks


lou reed

david bowie


quentin tarantino

keanu reeves

neil young

kim deal

larry david

yoko ono





desmond dekker

syd barrett

elliott smith

james cagney

john lennon

george carlin

klaus kinski

stanley kubrick

charlie chaplin

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