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Your favorite Richard D. James pseudonym..

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The Tuss, because the tracks are good.


Including 'actually' in there before the word good changes the tone of that sentence a little bit.


I personally don't care for the Tuss.

Especially that Tusticles rubbish or whatever.

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Guest Masonic Boom

I dunno, Polygon Window always reminded me too much of Playschool.


So which window is Richard going to go through today? Through the round window? The arched window? The... POLYGON WINDOW?!?!?!?




I suppose that was probably intentional and goes along with his whole 'obsession with childhood' thing. It can't be coincidence given his generation.


Hell, maybe this is established information that I'm too newb to know.

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I have to say Aphex Twin all the way. But if he doesnt release something soon under that alias he probably want people to call him something else.

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Guest Masonic Boom

ARGH oh god a fragment of a dream just came back to me - I dreamed last night there was another one. A lost RDJ identity. And it was, like, a CD I listened to all the time. It was done under a name *like* Bradley Strider but it wasn't that. Argh, it was so beautiful in my dream, this music. I wish I'd remembered that earlier or I'd have written it down.


Write songs in your own dreams, don't sneak into mine to do it, ha ha ha ha. :crazy:

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