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Pre & Post SAW 85-92


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out of the loop with music in general. looking for recommendations. best, for me was SAW 85-92.


what do you consider the influences pre and post this record? Chicago house? Italian house? acid rave chillout.


please note, I've never considered drifting empty characterless background music to be worthwhile, but some do seem to always think this and other ambient records fall into this character.


want identity, creativity, melody.


any recommendations? not much luck so far...



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Pre : Derrick May, Mister Fingers, Guy Called Gerald, 808 State, ... I don't know well enough that era so I can't make any recommendation.

Post : ?? Really don't know what he's been influenced except from himself after saw 85-92, possibly indirectly gabber he didn't like when others did it and he wanted to do it his own way, same with jungle later. I recommend Seefeel stuff, A Collection of Short Stories (Reload), ...



Edit : Remember a good one from 1981 : Signals From Pier Thirteen (Crash Course in Science), he played Cardboard lamb at Torino Festival in 2005, I personally prefer B side, truly good.

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Guest Masonic Boom

Can we link YouTubes on this forum? (sorry for stupid newbie question)


I don't know anything about 'influence' or indeed what that word even means, but this band always seemed to me to inhabit the closest headspace to that album


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Guest Masonic Boom

Ah, brilliant! Thank you.


I am now going to spend the rest of the afternoon listening to Quique.

Got the 2-disk edition a few days ago, now I cant stop listening :cisfor:


Happily, for UK people, it's actually on Spotify!


I should purchase the reissue for the added extra bonus tracks but I was just so in love with the original as I had it on clear plastic vinyl which just looked as shimmery and icy like a magic peppermint as the album sounded.

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