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is there anything else like spotify around?


i mean, i know itune's popular (though i've never used it), but does it allow you to legally stream whole albums for free? even though spotify's library is somewhat limited when it comes to the idmz it's still enormous in most other areas.


they charge me about $13 a month, and in return i get direct access to tons upon tons of music, their servers are never down, the sound quality is awesome and it streams without ever lagging or anything (in my experience anyway).


and if you don't feel like paying you can just get it for free, only with some kind of commercial between every 7'th track or whatever.


spotify is great. and it's coming to the us.


what about last.fm? i made an account ages ago and checked it out for about 11 minutes, then i forgot the password and just cba.


took a look to see if i had any invites, but it seems i have to buy a subscription in order to get any.


i got about 38 invites if anyone wants one.

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doesn't last fm just let you do the same thing? for three bucks a month?


oh? cool, didn't know.




sure, im lucky enough to have a what.cd account (the successor of oink), so im pretty much covered when it comes to supporting communism, what's great about spotify though is that i don't need to download anything, i just open it and start listening.

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Even the the library is half limited, I really can't complain for a barrage of music for free with the odd 30 second advert. Saves me having to boot up my hardrive and all that.

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