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Anyone a fan of Hearts of Space label? Maybe I don't realize it's a staple in this genre but I recently discovered they are a label many years after downloading their radio show's episode with Aphex Twin from limewire/kazaa, which is my all time fav Aphex mix/set.



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There is a ridiculous amount of celer material out there, makes it a bit tricky to find the good stuff.


Nacreous Clouds is a good one though - if you haven't heard 'Engaged Touches' that's definitely worth a listen, easily my favourite.

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I wrote an album in Morse code. Trying to get it released some time this year. Here's one track:


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ambient mix 5


0:00:00   frosty - GoGooo

0:01:18   Watts Towers - Porn Sword Tobacco

0:04:12   Lied Vom Kindsein - Jürgen Knieper

0:04:42   Freight Train (Elk River, MN) - Marcus Eads

0:05:09   Balthus Bemused by Color - Harold Budd

0:10:08   ABYSS OF THE MIND _ STARGAZER'S DIARY (excerpt) - Ocean Shores

0:14:05    NEXUS 6 - I am Adam, of Eternia

0:17:46   echoes.exe - General Translator

0:22:26   All Day - Jan Steele

0:29:30   521 - NHK’Koyxen

0:30:18   Fading Sun - Terje Isungset

0:33:39   Child’s Footprint - Ernst Reijseger

0:36:30   Étude No.10 - Claude Debussy

0:41:04   avril altdelay - AFX

0:44:00   they wound their way through the narrow ravine which was surrounded by pale fog - Nobuto Suda

0:48:42   Autumn_Harmonic_Mirage - David Tagg

0:56:46   The Boat Was My Friend - Svarte Greiner

1:01:27   Telepath - Boards Of Canada

1:02:16   Log Lady Presence - Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch

1:03:16   Scene 2 (edit) - Zoviet France

1:26:47   al azhar - Peter Daverington

1:36:18   ”Robolised" Atomium Dawn Chorus -The Hafler Trio

1:38:09   flute - Michel Redolfi

1:38:22   The Singsong Waters Of An Endless Sea - Milieu

1:57:22   LA11 - Moby

2:16:12   wetgelis casual interval - Autechre

2:18:45   Jude Chapter 1 (extract) - Johnny Cash

2:19:01   I Dormienti - Brian Eno

2:58:44   .

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