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On 5/19/2019 at 4:46 PM, prdctvsm said:

ambient mix 5


0:00:00   frosty - GoGooo

0:01:18   Watts Towers - Porn Sword Tobacco

0:04:12   Lied Vom Kindsein - Jürgen Knieper

0:04:42   Freight Train (Elk River, MN) - Marcus Eads

0:05:09   Balthus Bemused by Color - Harold Budd

0:10:08   ABYSS OF THE MIND _ STARGAZER'S DIARY (excerpt) - Ocean Shores

0:14:05    NEXUS 6 - I am Adam, of Eternia

0:17:46   echoes.exe - General Translator

0:22:26   All Day - Jan Steele

0:29:30   521 - NHK’Koyxen

0:30:18   Fading Sun - Terje Isungset

0:33:39   Child’s Footprint - Ernst Reijseger

0:36:30   Étude No.10 - Claude Debussy

0:41:04   avril altdelay - AFX

0:44:00   they wound their way through the narrow ravine which was surrounded by pale fog - Nobuto Suda

0:48:42   Autumn_Harmonic_Mirage - David Tagg

0:56:46   The Boat Was My Friend - Svarte Greiner

1:01:27   Telepath - Boards Of Canada

1:02:16   Log Lady Presence - Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch

1:03:16   Scene 2 (edit) - Zoviet France

1:26:47   al azhar - Peter Daverington

1:36:18   ”Robolised" Atomium Dawn Chorus -The Hafler Trio

1:38:09   flute - Michel Redolfi

1:38:22   The Singsong Waters Of An Endless Sea - Milieu

1:57:22   LA11 - Moby

2:16:12   wetgelis casual interval - Autechre

2:18:45   Jude Chapter 1 (extract) - Johnny Cash

2:19:01   I Dormienti - Brian Eno

2:58:44   .


this was quite enjoyable. thank you for putting it together :)

i like your website too! there's a broken link on it tho :( 

anyway taking another mix from you for now. danke

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Here is an archive of one of my radio shows from 2011.  It mostly has various ambient, dark ambient, and industrial noise throughout, in case anyone is interested.


Hidden Vibrations




Rory Hinchey - Snuff Box
Robert Turman - Subterra
Jarboe & Cedric Victor - Black Dream II
Merzbow - RBA 7+2 (Excerpt from CD7 of Merzbient)
NON - Black Sun

Seven Morgues - I Disappear When Autumn Comes
Masonic Youth - Going Down
Karjalan Sissit - Någon Vacker Dag Får Du Smaka På Finn Yxan Jävla Rip-Off Gubbe
NAGRINÐR - Heraldo (psychopompós)
(recorded promo)
Neil Jendon - Science, Security, Logic, Prudence
Conrad Schnitzler & Thomasius - Wolke 7

Cowards - Below the Boards
WILT - Excerpt from "She Walks The Night" Cassette Side A
Murderous Vision - Tooth And Tongue
Maurizio Bianchi - Violichte (Excerpt from Side A)
EaViL - Owls Too Awake
Locrian - Chladni

Jason Crumer - I. Town Crier, A. News Rips Through The Community
Josh Lay - Bad Mirror Pt. 2 (Excerpt from Split with Demonologists)
Megaptera - Research of Epileptic Attacks
Wyatt Howland - "Asylum" (Excerpt from Split with Josh Lay)

Beaunoise - Excerpt from Ambient One Side A (The Braille Tape)
Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy - Clockwork
C. Lavender - Body Heat Side A Excerpt
Úden - The R'lyeh Sleep (Excerpt)

Troy Schafer - Death Spirit of The All (Excerpt)
David Lynch - Track 3 from The Air Is On Fire
Alva Noto - Odradek
Lustmord - Heresy Part V
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Incase you use spotify, you might like this playlist. It's in line with my slumbr work and serves as a heavily vetted playlist of deep & sleepy ambient music. It's been in the works and listened to for several years and as such,  I've recently found myself just as likely to remove something as add it. So far 15 random strangers are subscribing and it's slowly growing. 


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