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Somethin' you'd like ta do one day...

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Just because you listen to cold, calculating music doesn't make you a cold, calculating killer.

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I figure I may have to shoot at people if I join Blackwater, but that's not the main draw.


exactly, the blowing them up part is. I'm with ya 'ol chap.


What is the main draw though? Travelling the world? Because you could do that in the red cross or a circus.

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The draw for me would be the opportunity to become as proficient as possible at something because my life depends on it. Also, I'd like to experience the bond that soldiers develop because they are responsible for saving each other's lives.

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Obel, you sound like someone of impeccable character. I admire that.


To be fair, I pale in comparison to someone like Rambo.


He's been there and he's still advising you to avoid armed conflict. Leave it to the pro's man.

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i think i'd like to be in an informercial. or at the very least be one of those guys answering phones in the background during a telethon


id also like to have a treehouse with a zipline down to a motorcycle


i would also like to learn how to ride a motorcycle

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