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EGZ - Summertime Shells

Guest maus

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this is finally available for free download online, so i'm posting it for WATMM (and, to a smaller extent, the rest of the world) to enjoy.







EGZ is a project i've been involved with for a number of years, and in 2005, 'Summertime Shells' was released by commission to a swiss banker, with a 5-year exclusivity contract attached.


that time has expired, so i can make the album fully available, for free, to the general public, as it was always meant to be heard.


what is EGZ? well it's - well fuck i don't really know. it's IDM without actually BEING IDM... you know?


the songs are about:


trapping ghosts

beating contra

obeying the megaphone

how you can't really hang with a girl if her 76 doesn't rotate


this is exactly the kind of thing that you will either hate or love. if you like, you can choose which way you feel before you even download. or you can choose which way you feel, not download, and then post a review based on your feelings.


in any event, please feel free to preview, download, share, reverse, distort, play to santa, or print out and consume the raw binary data resulting from this release.

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Guest Benedict Cumberbatch


in 2005, 'Summertime Shells' was released by commission to a swiss banker, with a 5-year exclusivity contract attached.



this sounds like bullshit/joke but i'm intrigued. pls either explain or make something else up

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well, it is actually true. the details of the transaction aren't really clear to me, to be honest. i'll ask a couple of the guys, though, and see if i can find out exactly what the deal was.

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here's what i got back from 'grapefruit killa' about the whole thing:


"Yeah man, the guy's name is Christophe Donders. After a show we did at Rote Fabrik in 2003, he approached us and wanted us to do an album just for him, and actually gave us a bunch of cash to produce it. It was almost a joke, but we agreed that we wouldn't release it fully for 5 years. Although we did make it available for purchase online, it wasn't marketed at all. The guy definitely gets where we're coming from. He actually has a cameo on the album, but I'm not at liberty to say where. He's been offering to help us get EU dates when our new material is ready, which is cool too."


i actually didn't know much about the story, so this was partly news to me, i just produce the music for these guys.


by the way, it's ridiculous that the new autechre is being discussed so rampantly while this album is already available and clearly much better than anything autechre has ever produced.

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