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The Artist Known as "Tiga"


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I love Tiga. Does anyone else here love Tiga? Everyone should love Tiga. His last album, Ciao!, was A+ in my opinion. Not a single bad track.


Tiga being cute:




Tiga being seductive:




Tiga being new wave:




Tiga being introspective:




Tiga being hot:



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i'll be honest, i didn't listen to that one before i put it up. puppets... meh.


i like his cover of "down in it" though. when i first saw it on sexor i was like "no! he didn't!"


but, yes, he did.

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Guest Masonic Boom

I like that sound

I love that sound

I'm in love with that sound...




I have a massive soft spot for Tiga. Has someone linked to those amazing "interview" YouTubes where he's going on about "the idea of a drummer, being entitled to opinions is... REPULSIVE to me!" He's just so ridiculous and contrived and pretentious in all the best ways.

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Guest Masonic Boom

Sigh. What is it about Electro that produces the PRETTIEST boys? Tiga, Justice, Erol Alkan... they're all such total hotties. Not to mention all those beautiful and perfect French Touch boys. God forbid I should ever have to listen to Surkin or Brodinski, but to look at - wow.


::dissolves in puddle of fangurl lust::


Been trying to find a picture of him when he had red hair because well obviously redheaded boys = RRROWOWOWORRORRROUROUUGHGHGGGGHHH of lust-inducingness




Best I could do.

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the proxy is a whole different story, lol. i love him too. not as much as tiga though.




what a banger!


i just downloaded sexor yesterday night because i suddenly became obsessed with tiga. i mean, i was always into tiga. but something overcame me and i started watching all of his music videos, etc etc. it's a good album, i just haven't totally gotten into it yet. it's no ciao!, yeah. it seems like it has a lot of filler. but hey, i still like it.

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Guest Lube Saibot

I have experienced cumming stupid hard without sticking anything in my butt to the tune of both Tiga and Proxy. Amen.

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