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Deltron 3030 - Madness


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i ran across this track in the midst of my scavenging and thought I'd share. i didn't realize just how much of the original track dan the automator used for Madness, but it's some pretty sizeable chunks. I love that horn that comes in toward the end which is also used in the Deltron 3030 track pretty extensively.



note, i'm fairly sure that the album is out of print and the label is defunct, so this shouldn't be a copyright issue.


Poppy Family - Which way you goin' Billy - 12 - of cities and escapes.mp3




and listen to the second line of this one as well.


Poppy Family - Which way you goin' Billy - 10 - what can the matter be.mp3

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thanks for this. i'm now checking out the poppy family and i'm really liking some of what i hear. i almost can't believe that those guys on the cover are the band members. :mcgriff:

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