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the film "chronopolis"

Guest bardamu

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Guest bardamu

check it out: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0262333/

[[try torrent sites, as its only available on french dvd i think]]


a very surreal animation from 1983 with a musique concrète score which feels like Confield Lite in places. moreover, its exactly the same kind of imagery i get when listening to ae's more architecturally inspired pieces. I would also recommend the same director's short film "Une mission éphémère," which is hard to find but very similar.

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I've just (finally) given it a full watch. Fantastic film. I'd say the music was closer to EP7/Peel Session 2, if anything by Autechre, and I'd recommend it to any Ae fans.


Even if you're not interested in the music, just give it a try, because it really is a good film. The visuals are great and it doesn't get boring, even though there is no dialogue.


There's an intro written in French, which I put into Google translate:


Il n'y a pas de preuves suffisantes de la non-existence de la ville de Chronopolis.


Au contraire, les reves et les manuscrits s'accordent a reveler que l'histoire de la cite est une histoire d'eternite et de desir.


Ses habitants, hieratiques et impassibles ont pour seule occupation et pour seul plaisir de composer le temps.


Malgre la monotonie de l'immortalite, ils vivent dans l'attente; un evenement important doit survenir lors de la rencontre d'un instant particulier et d'un etre humain.


Or, cet instant attendu se prepare...


There is insufficient evidence of non-existence of the city Chronopolis.


Instead, dreams and manuscripts agree revealed that the history of the city is a story of Eternity and desire.


Its inhabitants, hieratic and impassive are single occupancy and for sake of call time.


Despite the monotony of immortality, they live in expectation, a major event should occur at the meeting of a particular moment and a human being.


However, this time due to prepare ...

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Chronopolis plus more can also be found here (streams): http://www.ubu.com/film/kamler.html


I've now watched about 12 mins of Chronopolis and haven't got the slightest idea what the fuck is going on here.


I also noticed some of his animations have music by B. Parmegiani. I'm not too familiar with his music (and haven't yet watched the films) but the stuff i've heard from him was pretty autechrey and strange.

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Chronopolis is a bit too abstract for my liking. The visual designs are absolutely beautiful, but it's pretty lacking on the animation side of things. Music/sound design was pretty sweet I have to admit... didn't really remind me of Autechre (cept maybe the hidden track on EP7).


It reminds me a little bit of this animated short, much less abstract but I like it a lot more cos it's much easier to follow:



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