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Solvent - Subject to Shift


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Solvent - "Subject to Shift"

Full-length CD / digital / 2LP-vinyl

Out May 25 on Ghostly International




CD / digital tracklist:


01. Elevator Up (Intro)

02. Loss For Words

03. Formulate

04. A Product of The Process

05. Unknown Caller

06. Don't Forget To Phone

07. No One Should Be Living Here

08. Life-Size Image

09. Take Me Home

10. Caught... a Glimpse

11. Panoramic

+ digital-bonus/exclusive: Formulate (Solvent's x0x mix)


Vinyl tracklist:


A1. Formulate

A2. A Product of the Process

B1. Loss For Words

B2. Life Size Image

B3. Panoramic

C1. Caught a Glimpse

C2. Echo on Your Voice

C3. No One Should Be Living Here

D1. Red and Metal (feat. Adam Killing)

D2. Take Me Home



(LOVE THIS ARTWORK. Must have it in large format.)




This is following an April 20th release of his Loss For Words digital release single.


Loss For Words



01. Loss For Words

02. Loss For Words (Solvent's CompuRhythm mix)

03. Loss For Words (Vector Lovers remix)




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Just wanted to bump this up to the top of list... I've been playing it nonstop since it dropped and I think it is mostly brilliant. Definitely his best album so far. Good stuff!

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i never followed up on thi (holy crap, there's a cockroach the size of an alligator) - oop ..anyway - as i was saying - i never got to actually

taking this one on - i'll need to get it straight away


so many music's - so little time

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