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post your most recent vinyl purchases

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Went to the record store on a whim yesterday and found a copy of the 2003 reissue of Loveless by mbv, great condition too. Picked up the Stereolab ETK 3xLP reissue as well. Almost got Cobra Phases wit

I like to burn things that burn...

I hope you all feel ashamed for the environmental damage your luxury products cause

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been looking 4 this one 4 a long time, one of my all time favorites! :^D



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Helloween - starlight box set...

Primus - animals should not act like humans...

Aphex Twin - druqks...

Afx - HAB ep...

Afx - HAB ep 2...

Hellfish & Producer - constant mutation...

Venetian Snares - cavalcade of glee...

Venetian Snares - chocolate wheelchair...

Venetian Snares - Winnipeg is a frozen shithole ep...

Brainwaltzera - marzipan ep...

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What's the picture disc with the mushroom cloud?


recently acquired:

Aleksi Perala - Sunshine 1&3

Folklore Tapes - The Art of Magic (Book + 7")

Luke Vibert - Turn 7"

Dust Witch - Mirage 7"

The Home Current - No Friction 7"

V/A - De:10.02

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Ae - move of ten 1&2 in mint condition from discogs

The elecktroids - elektroworld and kilohertz clone repress

Xyn cabal - perfect oracle 

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Mount Kimbie - Love What Survives Remixes and Hi Scores by Boards of Canada along with the insert.

I can also assure you that my cat does infact have two eyes.

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so i bought this 2017 Warner Bros. Records reissue version instead of the 2016 Death Waltz Recording Company one cause, besides the way more fancy cover art, everyone's complaining about the bad pressing of the picture discs from the latter... anyone can confirm this? 

2017 Warner Bros. Records



2016 Death Waltz Recording Company


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