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is it as annoying when i enjamb as when troon does?

Guest tht tne

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i'm seeing it all in a different light now

i may have to stop enjambing just because of troon

is enjambing gay entirely or is it gay because troon does it

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no enjambing is just like starting a new line in the middle of sentences.


sometimes when I enjamb my

brain collapses swiftly as if

two canoes crashed, cracking into a

cacophony lasting forever

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Whoh oh, oh

This disport is so augmatic


It is like a kind of magic


And baby when you enjamb

I can see a bowl of crisps in your eyes




listen to eminem for the best enjambment in the biz; he is so great at ending his lines on 1 or 2 of the next phrase. :squarepusher:

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