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A fun thing


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I saw data's post before watching the video and i was wondering what the hell it could mean. But now I lol.


Did you guys do the music too, or just the video?


Yeah, all the audio is chunks taken from jams earlier in the weekend. All (except 1) of the incidental sounds are stuff knocked out of reaktor with the video in mind, or straight up recordings.


Should mention this isnt us at full force, we're still down 2 men, 1 was working that weekend, and t'other is still in India somewhere =D


Expect more of the same when they return!

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Guest Franklin

i thought the video was really good dude. i like when they capture the sound of hitting the object and then look at each other and nod. hilarious.

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Awww, I'm glad you all enjoyed it!


All the video stuff was edited by Rich, the guy with the beard. So I just synced the sounds up to it. Put the video into FL9 to get the time line, then edited them all together in Soundforge. Probably not the best way, but really good fun!


Hopefully we'll carry on making videos like this, We're playing a gig in Prague in June, gonna take a couple HD cameras, and a bunch of super 8 cams as well. Make a live video. Hopefully gonna get someone to do a surround sound recording of it as well. Will be sure to put it up here, hope you guys will enjoy it!


Also I think it's a good platform for making fun little videos. I really enjoy watching Richard devines vimeo channel, watching him experimenting with the awesome ammount of kit he's got. And while we're kinda lacking on that front, we do like to play around with what we've got. Loads of weird Reaktor patches, midi controllers etc, so the plan is to start documenting that stuff also.


@ Awepittance. Im sure you love it coz of the steampipe sounds at the start =D If you ever get the time, would love to bounce a fe Reaktor patches your way, I know you're something of a jedi at that stuff. Let me know if you're up for a patching making collab =D

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