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i recently got 10,000 posts!


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with this newfound 10,000 posts i will try not to yank on Smegg and Glass Plate as much but i reserve the right to mock weed troon and hahathhat, don't take that from me

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irari rocks, but you should have stayed as tht tne


i drafted a pm to Joyrex about it but i didn't send, it wouldn't be fair for me to switch back and no one else get to... i stay up at night thinking about it though

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as you should... but do you think i should still be felch?


i like the name messiaen better imo but i have meant to talk to you about something since around nye...

i listened to a messiaen composition and i didn't get it at all it put me in a right bad mood to tell the truth

it was et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum... what others should i try to give messiaen a fair chance?

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dude.... some people like messiaen some people dont. all of his compositions are literally genius, particularly his magnus opus 'vingt regards sur l'enfant jesus'


i mean, its extremely complex, unusual music. i am an obsessive fan of classical music, and it took me like weeks of listening to truely hear the ecstatic beauty of the music.



try the 'vingt regards..' and the 'turangila symphony'


but at the end of the day, dont expect to get into straight away, he has an entirely unique and fucking unusual sense of harmony, rythm, melody and just music in general.


as i say, its not easy music to like. i love truely complex music because while it may be initially quite hard to understand, when you get into it is so unbelievably rich and rewarding.


at the same time consider that i play this music, so i spend literally 60-100 hours of my life studying, trying and examining the music, and his musical language becomes a beautiful pattern when you expend that amount of effort into it.


its up to you man. dont force yourself to like music you dont like because others think its amazing.


but listen to 'regard de eglise d'armour' and the first movement of the turangilila symphony 10 times+ plus, if you still dont hear the beauty, you dont like messiaen. i hope you can get into it though. truely rewarding music, you can never get bored of it.


as in 60-100 hours on one 5 minute piece of music btw.

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i am an obsessive fan of classical music


i thought i would be converted after i invested in some thorough classical compilations, but while i appreciate the beauty i still prefer something like drillnbass

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Guest Stoppit

I'm confused. Is that what the grey dots are? They don't seem to correlate between post-counts to me.


I think you start with one dot, you get 2 when you've made 100 posts, 3 dots for 500, 4 for 1000...and then I assume it's 2500, 5000 then 10000...but I'm just a lowly 4-dotter so I wouldn't know about that

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