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olympic hotties?


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this is useless without names.


yes sometimes i fap for hours at amazing photos of naked women but can't climax until i right click the image to discover their name... then begins an uncontrollable eruption of hot semen.

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The Danish curling team did a nude calender to promote the sport.






So cute.





I must say that the calender actually worked. I knew that they had done a nude calender but I hadn't really paid attention to any of the pictures until one evening where I was staying at my friend's place. His computer broke down so we were forced to watch the Olympics and all of a sudden Madeleine and Denise Dupont show up on screen. We ended up watching curling all night and most of the next day as well...

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I hate curling


its the most boring sport of all


Its basically about people cleaning the floor :huh:


Indeed. But it shows what it takes to grab my attention.


there is something about beautiful girls bending over to "curl" :emotawesomepm9:

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