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why is cheese so god damned expensive?

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Lactose intolerance is the inability to metabolize lactose, because of a lack of the required enzyme lactase in the digestive system. It is estimated that 75% of adults worldwide show some decrease in lactase activity during adulthood. The frequency of decreased lactase activity ranges from as little as 5% in northern Europe, up to 71% for Sicily, to more than 90% in some African and Asian countries.
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not until you have lived in japan could you appreciate how expensive cheese actually is. you have no idea...


I was totally looking forward to cheaper cheese when I returned to Canada after living in Seoul for so long.

Fuck me.

The place in East Asia for cheese is Shanghai. Specifically the Carrefour* in Pudong.


*At least I think it's a Carrefour, it could be some other chain though.

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I was offered a free sample of Beemsterkaas yesterday at a gas station (wtf?) by a very friendly young lady.




One of my favourites.


My everyday cheese is generic medium aged gouda, at E8.5/kg.

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never even thought of that. so its related to gas prices and gas prices are kept high as a means to keep society in a state of struggle, so it is a conspiracy!


just about fucking everything is related to gas prices unfortunately. how do you think every product finds it's way to your local store? by transport! ships, planes, trains and automobiles. all more or less powered by some sort of gasoline. as gas prices rise -> everything gets more expensive, especially imported stuff. also your dollar$ are a fairly poor currency compared to €uro at the moment so imported stuff is even more expensive once more. you really should learn some economics. :)

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I am under the impression that here in usa it is illegal to sell unpasteurized cheese. We get Euro cheese but i think the cheese is aged a couple months before sale and naturally pasteurized that way, I dont really know, but it think this is the reason cheese is better in Europe. Here in the usa cheese is always refrigerated at the store. Is it that way in Europe?

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Most of my relatives live in france, and they and no one that they know has ever gotten meningitis from cheese. Is your dad an extreme eater or something lumpy ? Trying things like that dutch (?) cheese aged in sheep manure.


Maybe though, given the super sterilized US upbringing. His immune system wasn't primed to jump on a bug from a cheese that had a dodgy source. (No offence mind, this is all speculative meandering ;-] .. It is terrible that he got that nasty thing)


On a side note to odd french foods. My mother is from Brittany, and when we visited there she wanted to buy this off-milk that they were selling in the supermarket, that was like some traditional thing. When we got it home it smelled rank, i wasn't going near it.

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"The cheese extends life. The cheese expands consciousness. The cheese is vital to space travel."

- Benjamin "Tesla" Einstein

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cheese is disgusting & loathsome


as an ingredient = barely


on bread/crackers spread in dollops = NEVER


Check yer pain meds lad, they're making you talk fookin shite.

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a life-time's disgust is honest, if digression is too far from social cheese norms so be it


have tried it enough times to know it aint me thang, bit like the watersports or Radiohead of foods


a teenage tour of Roquefort was like a mythical descent into the underworld


butter, cream & buttermilk are the psychic gods doe, but each to their varied own

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