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BoC wants you to sign this petition


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It has been a rumor for sometime now that the BBC was going to make budget cuts in the future, these cuts have alway linked themselves to the developing digital radio stations.


The Times newspaper has reported "The BBC will close two radio stations, shut half its website and cut spending heavily on imported American programmes in an overhaul of services to be announced next month."


"In a wideranging strategic review, he will announce the closure of the digital radio stations 6 Music and Asian Network and introduce a cap on spending on broadcast rights for sports events of 8.5 per cent of the licence fee, or about £300 million."


To me and many hundreds of thousands of people stations like 6Music provide the alternative service that we want in a radio station, and not the constant repeated and regurgitated output of the FM broadcasts of Radio 1 & 2.


This maybe a pointless and unorgainised petition (if you want to help just ask) that will never get anywhere but I would like to think that there are people out there that want quality and choice in what the BBC broadcast.


Who knows maybe we can make a difference.





seems they learn about facebook and twitter more and more

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Guest silverside

I'm guessing that IDM such as BoC is where IDM is played the most.


Without something like Radio 6, IDM may die.


Probably not, actually, I think the underground community are prepared to pay thousands for rare vinyls or albums or what have you, attracting new customers is over-rated...

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what? I don't get it.


Sorry :facepalm:


they posted that on facebook it's the first post with some kind of statement


The other posts where mostly about validating some websites as official

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