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www.droidbehavior.com 2010 NOW LIVE!!!


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February 26, 2010 - After many months of hard work behind the scenes

with designers, HTML analysts, and DJ's Galore the Droid team is

excited to announce the unveiling of their newly redesigned website -



Droidbehavior.com now includes:



*full artist page and bios

*up to date and detailed events calendar

*full droid recordings back catalog

*media archives of event photography, videos and all press and

publicity for droid behavior artists

*the enhanced droid behavior podcast: D-NODE


*contact info/bookings page

*mailing list sign up

*blog search function

*BLOG ENTRY STYLE editorials w/ feedback sheets.

*flash tagging

*flash banner

*flash gordon


Please take a look around enjoy and leave feedback on your favorite

blog entries. Welcome to droidbehavior online.





As a Record Label, showcase promoter and musical catalyst, Droid

Behavior stands at the hypocenter of the West Coast techno explosion.

For over seven years they have fostered LA’s techno movement and

presented its constituency with the genre’s greatest. Maintaining

momentum with countless one-offs and both club and underground

collaborations, Droid lays siege to the city every few months with its

incomparable multimedia experience known as Interface.


They feed their fanbase with a roster of some of the city’s most

inspiring live performers and DJs, including Acid Circus, Drumcell,

Audio Injection, Subversive, and Dean Paul. Droid’s artists have

consistently hypnotized crowds at major clubs and warehouse parties

alike as well as toured rigorously across North America , Mexico,

Japan, and Dominican Republic in support of their music releases and



The Droid Recordings label taps LA’s creativity to explore the many

faces of dancefloor techno, from epic warehouse tracks and dark

soundscapes to Midwest-influenced minimalism. The label not only

showcases music from original members Audio Injection, Drumcell, and

Acid Circus, but showcases the forefront of American techno and their

European Counterparts with hi-fidelity singles and remixes by Agaric,

Tim Xavier, [a]pendics.shuffle, Jason Emsley, Luis Flores, Tony Rohr,

Dustin Zahn, Kyle Gieger, Decimal, JPLS and a host of others. Droid

releases have caught the attention of global players and have been

licensed, charted, and included in many sets by techno’s most

influential artists, including Richie Hawtin, Joey Beltram, Adam

Beyer, Chris Liebing, and Speedy J.



latest video archive: Speedy J + Scott Pagano at Interface 30

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i love what you guys are doing. i've met one of the founding members of droid behavior a few times at various shows in los angeles (the name escapes me right now though... sorry). it's good to hear pure and new techno amongst everything else that's going on in L.A. the site looks nice as well. perhaps one day i'll be able to go to one of the shows again... whenever i'm free from taking care of my baby boys.

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