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does anyone know what this is?

Guest A/D


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  1. 1. Do you know what this is?

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  2. 2. If yes, would you use it?

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First one to PM me and tell me you did it gets . .


a song by david koresh! or .. an obscure recording of a frog. Your choice.


I'm trying to settle a debate with a friend over the effectiveness of things like this, so please tell me if you don't have any idea what the fuck this is. Or if all of you do.


I love you


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Guest Blanket Fort Collapse

a miss spelled racist slur wrapped ina 1993 8 bit vidya game logo jpeg?

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we also use them in japan. if a company or w/e wants to link you direct to their website, you just take a snapshot of this. it saves you having to type the URL in on your keitai (sorry, cell/mobile). handy for things like e-coupons to use at mcdonalds etc...

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yeah i think I first saw them in Japan, probably about 10 years ago.

That particular bar code (after some quick wikiing) is called a QR Code.


Where's my prize goddamit!

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does anybody regularly follow QR codes though? did anybody look at this and go "Hey that's interesting, I want to find out what that is/see what it does"

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