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Geographical mapping of track titles

Guest cyphersum

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Guest LoveRhino

It may have already been resolved but as I saw some speculation about it, I always thought that Pigeon St was a reference to the 1970s/80s TV show of the same name from BBC kids TV. I presume the same for Fingerbob (which I always read as Fingerbib).

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There's also a bunch of place names in the Soundcloud dump.


  • Clissold, London (Early Morning Clissold, [slo]w early morning clissold sunrise, last clissold maybe)
  • Lanner, Cornwall (Lannerlush Full, Lanner B4 Ardkore)
  • Camborne, Cornwall (2tone[camborne college mix])
  • Leeds, Yorkshire (leeds orbit[live])
  • Notting Hill, London (notting hill bus)
  • Cornwall (Step Up To Cornwall)
  • New York (Ny Groove, ny groove2)
  • Japan (Japan, duh)

I think that's it, for now.

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Why has Ibiza not been added? And I think Reunion is a massive stretch.


Also, there's a logan rock in Scotland called The Witch's Rocking Stone. That probably doesn't mean anything, but it's worth pointing out.

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