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ever since i heard ae i've had a wish that i could be able to hear them on defined and professional sound system. i recently had a chance to hear some of the autechre material on really proper badass superb acoustics. a guy that builds his own speakers, about 2.6 m high, spent almost ten years completing the design and collecting the parts. all custom and defined and whatnot...anyway... what amazed me the most was recury. i always thought of it as one of my favourites, but i've never realized how powerful is its composition.


as the first beats came in i already felt like i'm submerged into it. it completely got my attention. then the sprays and showers of some tiny metal pieces that felt like being thrown on some super-sensitive surface that acted like a microphone. razoring through ears but not unpleasant. the composition is fluid and slowly emerges into a physical, vast environment that completely overwhelmed my state-of-being. there was a point where i could not hear the individual samples anymore... it felt like it was bending the fabrics of space in and out. it might upon first listen seem to be simple and boring - but it's far from that. after the tune silenced we both stared in speech-less awe, he especially, for he never heard anything like autechre before. i think recury was meant to be played -really- loud. it has an energy of a hydrogen fission. it might be alive, heh

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other tracks that sounded well like fucking a virgin:


iv vv iv vv viii

parhelic triangle

vi scose poise (he liked this one the most)

augmatic disport


many stuff from quaristice really comes to life (and it does feel like being somewhat aquatic ;):

phylopn, perlence range3, wnsn, theswere,... io(mons) was fucking amazing, but the guy refused to leave it play. he said it was way too much for him to bear and we had to finish the session. although he really liked autechre and considered them being 'interesting'. and despite his newly built acoustics he still insisted on listening them on his hi-fi again. little irony? i think audiophiles are just insane, lol.

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I've always wanted to make my own music video for this track. Lots and lots of repeating explosions, things like icebergs and space stations breaking apart in synch to the music. Lasers. Things dropping. Yeah.

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